Villa in Puglia Services - How we work


All properties are designed and built subject to plot size, personal requirements, planning permission and building regulations.

Our Services:

  • We can advise where to find the perfect plot and help you buy the property to suit your requirements.
  • We provide home renovation services covering all areas of planning and building regulation bestowed by each and every region using a wealth of trusted contractors to complete the job.
  • We offer a complete 'turn key' service whereby you simply tell us your requirements and we deliver a finished project right down to the choice of cutlery in the dining room drawer.

Guaranteed Benefits:

  • Access to the best land available to build your holiday home
  • Beautiful handpicked Italian properties - Ready to be renovated
  • Strong working relationships with planning, building regulations and local government
  • Historical links to local contractors and government officials to beat Italian bureaucracy

How much does it cost?

We're often asked about overall costs for projects i.e. cost of land and construction and while its tempting to give a figure, the costs vary so much depending on specification levels so it is always difficult to give accurate figures without proper consultation. We obviously have land prices and renovation property opportunities with prices, but each will come with it's own price depending on your requirements and expectations. What we do is deliver these expectations working to a budget to suit you.

For this reason its always best to contact us to discuss any projects on our website or for us to find what you need and give you the best advice.

The whole process is designed to be an enjoyable experience for you, allowing you to get to know Puglia, its people and the place you want to live.